Defending Against

In this latest report from Cimcor, let's break down ransomware and see how you can arm yourself against a potential attack using system integrity assurance. 

In this report you'll learn: 

  • How to enforce a policy that prohibits clicking on links or executables in emails (even if they make it past email scanning)
  • How to keep software patching up to date
  • How to implement a solution that can prevent change(s) to your systems
  • How to restore your systems to a previous trusted state of operation
  • And much more


How to Defend Against Ransomware with System Integrity Assurance

CimTrak is a System Integrity Assurance platform that provides a comprehensive solution to detect, identify, prohibit, and remediate unknown and unauthorized changes in real-time by only allowing authorized changes. We can prevent and automatically undo the damage when necessary, enabling you to remain continuously compliant and operate at the highest security standards with a fraction of the effort.

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