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Easy Installation and Configuration

Our dedicated team of helpful and knowledgable sales engineers are on hand to walk you through the simple steps to set up your free trial of CimTrak. They expertly guide you through the product, ensuring that CimTrak is configured correctly and that all of your questions are answered.


Lower Total Cost of Ownership

CimTrak monitors your entire IT environment. That coverage extends to your servers, workstations, databases, network devices, and more with extensive cross-platform support.  


Dedicated 24/7 Support

Issues never go according to schedule, no matter how many calendar invites you try to send. Our top-notch technical support staff is available anytime to help you if and when issues arise. 


A Top Tripwire™ Alternative

CimTrak Provides all the same features as Tripwire, but at a fraction of the cost. Additional ports not required to be opened on systems being protected.

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Experience how
CimTrak delivers

  • Detect Unauthorized Changes in seconds instead of the industry average of 207 days.

  • 95%+ reduction in change noise.

  • Control + Z any unauthorized changes in your IT infrastructure.

  • Harden Systems using CIS Benchmarks/DISA STIGs and gather evidence for compliance and regulatory requirements.


See how CimTrak meets
your exact security,
compliance, and ops needs

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IT, security, and compliance
should be simple

“CimTrak does what it says it does–without a lot of heaviness and problems. Technical support understands the product and understands the implementation. It gives us assurance against things we cannot see or things that are hard to identify, like malware. All forensic post-event investigation and damage is prevented by the use of CimTrak.”

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John Keese

Head of Compliance, Zoom
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Servers/network devices
protected globally


Servers/network devices
protected globally


Approximate reduction in
change noise