Drive Operation Excellence and Cyber Resiliency with CimTrak.

Learn how CimTrak helps solve the top 20 problems many CIOs/CISOs face today. 

The Ponemon Institute reports the average mean time to identify (MTTI) a breach is 206 days and continuously getting worse year over year. Within this timeframe, zero-days attacks, compliance drift and other vulnerabilities are eluding IT professionals for more than half a year. 

CimTrak's file and system integrity monitoring software addresses the many problems CIOs/CISOs have to solve within the IT enterprise.

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Eliminate Unnecessary Costs. Prioritize Initiatives. Problems Solved. 

  • Compliance: CIOs/CISOs are under constant barrage and pressure to deliver more with fewer resources and less capital while continuing to meet any number of regulatory requirements.
  • Budget: The key to solving CSuite problems lies in the ability to eliminate unnecessary costs and prioritize initiatives that can deliver and solve a multitude of issues and requirements with a common product or solution.
  • Security: This is best illustrated in any number of best practices and compliance requirements that outline and discuss a prioritized list and recommended set of IT controls that are essential to a safe, trusted and compliant infrastructure.  

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