File Integrity Monitoring

As an advanced File Integrity Monitoring (FIM) solution, CimTrak's forensic data provides details on who, what, when and how your critical systems and files have changed. Was the change valid or not? CimTrak helps you decide! CimTrak's integrated ticketing capabilities helps you easily classify changes.

In addition, CimTrak's Trusted File Registry™,  helps you to automatically recognize good changes due to vendor patches/updates. This insight decreases your workload, giving you more time for important tasks at hand.

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How CimTrak Helps with File Integrity Monitoring

Complete Integrity Monitoring

Instant notification and in-depth insight into all changes. Complete coverage for your PCI environment and requirement 11.5.

Automated Configuration Monitoring

Monitor critical configurations to ensure a PCI compliance state.

Complete Perimeter Protection

Monitor your PCI environment. Don’t let unauthorized access occur with your routers, firewalls, and network devices.

Continuity of Operations

Instantly restore changes. Keep your critical systems running.

Complete Logging/Reporting

Wide variety of reports and seamlessly integrates with all major SIEM solutions.

Complete Security

All communication between CimTrak components are fully encrypted. No other integrity and compliance tool can match these stringent safeguards to protect your information.

Easy To Use and Configure

We remove the complication from installation. In fact, when you sign-up for a Free Trial of CimTrak, we will provide you with a dedicated engineer to help you every step of the way. Our goal is to keep this process trouble-free. You have enough to worry about.

We Continue to Innovate

CimTrak focuses on developing new functionalities and cutting-edge innovations. See for yourself why CimTrak is the best alternative to Tripwire® software.