CimTrak NERC-CIP Solution Brief

NERC-CIP Requirements 

Real-time configuration change detection, alerting, and comprehensive reporting provided by CimTrak offers the ability to not only meet, but exceed many NERC-CIP requirements.

With built-in change prevention features, changes to critical files or configurations can be effectively prevented, providing the ultimate in system security.


CimTrak helps with:

  • CIP-005 - Knowing the moment the Electronic Security Perimeter is Compromised
  • CIP-007: Complete monitoring and identification of parts and services
  • CIP-009: Ensuring critical systems stay running with baseline reports
  • CIP-010: Configuration Change management by baselining critical IT systems while monitoring for any changes. 

While CimTrak allows you to monitor baseline changes and manage your ports and services, it goes well beyond.

With the ability to monitor key pieces of your Electronic Security Perimeter via CimTrak for Network Devices, CimTrak can ensure that your device configurations are in the state that you expect. Learn more with the NERC-CIP solution brief today.

Download the NERC-CIP Solution Brief