Stay Secure With Advanced Insight into Your Active Directory.

  • Detect when a user has been added to or deleted from the domain, log the activity, and notify the responsible parties by e-mail, syslog or SNMP. 
  • Detect, log, and notify when users have been given additional privileges. 
  • Detect, log, and notify when a device has been added to or deleted from the domain.
  • Detect, log, and notify when the domain configuration has been modified.

CimTrak provides detailed reporting and insight into network changes including domain configuration, application issues, and data quality problems.



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Benefits of Monitoring for Active Directory with CimTrak 

  • Identify Unexpected Changes: Gain complete visibility into all changes to your active directory environment.  Maintain a complete audit trail of changes to Active Directory.  This audit trail contains all of the information needed to investigate any unexpected changes, such as rogue administrator accounts.
  • Security Impact: The security impact of this controlled process is that all malicious or unexpected changes are immediately exposed for investigation and remediation
  • Mitigate Risks: The combined results drive higher operational availability while mitigating the risk of security threats and breaches.

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