Simplify CMMC Compliance

See firsthand how to kickstart and automate your CMMC compliance and audit efforts with the CimTrak Integrity Suite. 

  • Automated Benchmark Scanning
  • Configuration & Change Management
  • Real-time Change Detection
  • Remediation & Roll-back Capabilities
  • Advanced Audit Trail & Reporting

CimTrak helps meet the demands across all five levels of CMMC compliance.


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How CimTrak Helps With CMMC 

  • Detailed Audit Reports and Forensic Evidence: What files were added/modified/deleted, source IP address, user who made changes - all in real-time.
  • Continuous Monitoring: Don't settle on waiting 206 days to discover changes. CimTrak’s mean time to detect (MTTD) malicious and unwanted changes is measured in minutes as opposed to the industry average of 206 days.
  • Alerting: Integrated with ITSM technologies creating a closed-loop environment of change management to reconcile expected and approved changes. Reduce the noise
  • Remediation/Roll-back functionality: Automatically roll-back and restore files that drift from a knows and expected state.

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