Mitigate Security Threats and Breaches with the CimTrak and BMC Integration. 

The CimTrak Integrity Suite offers bi-directional ticket/incident synchronization through the use of an intermediary service (The CimTrak Ticket Syncer) that communicates between CimTrak and BMC Helix ITSM with the AR System REST API.


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Benefits of Closed-Loop Change Control with CimTrak and BMC

Through the use of CimTrak with the Ticket Syncer, tickets/incidents created, modified, resolved or closed in either environment are synchronized in both environments.  

  • Remove/remediate malicious changes: Only planned releases that have been approved, tested, and scheduled are allowed to make changes in the environment which highlights circumvented processes.
  • Security Impact: The security impact of this controlled process is that all malicious changes are immediately exposed for removal and remediation. 
  • Mitigate Risks: The combined results drive higher operational availability while mitigating the risk of security threats and breaches.

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