See How CimTrak's Trusted File Registry™ Can Help

Let us show you first-hand how the Trusted File Registry™ can save you time.

  • Automatically Identify and Promote Valid Changes to your infrastructure baseline
  • Easy integration with external ticketing systems, such as ServiceNow, Jira, and more
  • Helps you focus your resources on malware, zero-day attacks, rogue users, and other IT infrastructure threats

One of our engineers will walk you through how the Trusted File Registry™ saves time by automatically verifying patches and updates.

See a Demo of CimTrak's Trusted File Registry

Focus on Unexpected Changes

The CimTrak Trusted File Registry not only eliminates and reduces false positives, but it allows you to focus on the changes that actually matter: malware, zero-day attacks, rogue users and other threats to your IT infrastructure.  

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