Detect and Eliminate Vulnerabilities with Ease.

Assessing for vulnerabilities doesn't have to be a challenge.

Monitoring hardened configurations of endpoints and running automated scans with comparisons is attainable.

Leveraging CIS Controls™  security best practices, CimTrak helps detect and eliminate vulnerabilities.


How CimTrak Helps

  • The CimTrak Compliance Module is a SCAP 1.2 compliant scanning tool that when scheduled, identifies vulnerabilities on specific intervals.
  • Authenticated vulnerability scanning, including device discovery, and specific benchmarks can be used to ensure recent patches to OS applications.
  • The comparison of vulnerability scans by the Compliance Module for CimTrak allows for assessment of the infrastructure's IT risk and security posture.

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Simplify Vulnerability Management.

CimTrak provides a comprehensive threat intelligence landscape enabling organizations to comprehend and respond to changes before a breach occurs.