Implement CIS Controls Framework. 

Configurations drift from known and expected states. CimTrak actively tracks, reports and corrects in real-time, ensuring device integrity remains in a trusted state of operation. 


Reduce the risk of vulnerabilities becoming security incidents. 

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Manage Compliance. Mitigate Threats. Stay Protected.

See how CimTrak automatically helps assess your infrastructure using the CIS Controls Security Framework. 

  • CimTrak aligns with Control #5 as well as several other “sub controls” in the various Top 20 Controls
  • Detection of configuration changes by CimTrak is done in real-time-not polling.
  • Easy to use, simple to install and scalable to meet the most demanding requirements
  • Change detection performed in either an agent-based or agent-less manner.
  • Ensure unexpected changes don’t result in integrity drift.

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Image Source: CIS Controls™